Polymer Insulators

The Silicone Edge

Silicone, the preferred material for insulators across the world for over three decades, DECOSIL lends a sense of reassurance even in the most challenging environments. It is capable of withstanding different conditions of duress thanks to its major properties.

Deccan Silicone Composite Insulators are designed and manufactured to operate under the most severe conditions by understanding the dynamic processes of hydrophobicity, the proper basic formulation of the silicone including fillers and additives as well as the processing technology and the "defence mechanisms" of Silicone Rubber against ageing.

Deccan Composite Silicone Insulators have the following special properties

  • Full hydrophobicity over the lifetime of the insulator and fast regeneration.
  • Fast transfer of hydrophobic properties over the pollution layer.
  • High tracking resistance class 1A 4.5 as per IEC 60587.

The properties given above lead to excellent performance and hence low operation and maintenance cost.