Polymer Insulators

Research & Development:
Government of India recognised R&D facilities.

Deccan Enterprises Limited has in-house R&D since 1966 and it was recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology Govt. of India in 2004. Deccan has the distinction of developing various products, over the last 4 decades, to meet the infrastructure requirement of India.

Today Deccan Enterprises Limited has the latest and most sophisticated R&D facilities including software for 3D electric field design and analysis, etc. A dedicated team of HV Engineers work continuously to develop new designs & products.


1966 - Developed for the first time in India: Rubber Rings / Rubber Gaskets for sealing large diameter pipes used for water transmission, etc. Giving a service life of 100 years.

Mid 1970s - Amongst the first in India to develop and manufacture Rail Pads used by Indian Railways for concrete sleepers in railway tracks.

1985 – Developed and manufactured for the first time in India – rubber floor tiles. These were installed in Mumbai & New Delhi International Airports.

1990s – was India’s largest manufacturer of Rail Pads for the Indian Railways and contributed significantly in the Gauge Conversion Program (narrow to broad gauge) of the Indian Railways.

1998 – Developed various Railway Coach and Wagon components such as Vestibules, Upper & Lower Rubber Washers etc.

2000 - Deccan has successfully developed Studded Rail Pads in collaboration with M/s. General & Railway Supplies (REX-LOK), Australia, with assured service life of 12 years or more (vs present service life of 2-3 years).

Early 2000 - Developed for the first time in India: Silicone Composite Insulators for High Voltage Transmission (up to 400kV), Distribution lines (11 & 33kV) and Railways (25kV).

2002 - Developed Elastomeric Pads for Rail Wagons in technical collaboration with M/s. Silvertown UK Ltd., giving 4 times more life than the present Elastomeric Pads supplied by the existing Railway suppliers.

2003 – Government of India issued a DESIGN Patent No. 191106 dt 28.01.2003 for our design of Studded Rail Pad.

2004 – Undertook development of Battle Tank Wheel rubberisation for Defence department of Govt. of India in technical collaboration with M/s. Silvertown UK Ltd. Trial order by Govt. of India received by Deccan.

2004 - Deccan has received recognition of our In-house R & D by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India; vide Certificate No.TU/IV-RD/2441/2004 dated July 23, 2004.

2009 – Received approval from Power Grid India for successful design, testing and supply of 400kV Silicone Composite Insulators.

2009 – Commenced design & development of 1200kV Silicone Composite Insulators.

2012 – 1200 kV, 320 kN silicone composite long rod insulators were developed and type tested. They were installed in " 1200 kV National test station" at BINA and successfully undergone field trial for three years.

2015 – Developed Composite Bus Post Insulators up to 400kV for the first time in India.